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Raking lawn in spring is a terrific excuse to get outside and enjoy the warm weather condition. However if you start raking too early, you can damage your yard. So, how do you know when to rake the yard in spring? In this post, I will offer you some tips to determine if it’s prematurely to rake your yard, and how to tell when it’s safe to start raking.

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Every spring, I see a great deal of my neighbors out raking their lawns way too early. Believe me, I get it. After the long winter season, there’s nothing you desire more than to get outside and begin operating in the backyard! I’m right there with you!

But in early spring the grass is still inactive, and raking yard too early can trigger damage by pulling out healthy grass together with the dead yard. If you rake the yard too early, the dormant yard won’t be strong enough to withstand the pull of the rake.

Even though the air temperature level can be hot in early spring, the soil is cold and most likely still frozen in locations. In addition, the soil is really wet with all that melting snow, and can be really saturated. It’s not an excellent idea to your to rake your yard while the soil is cold, wet and frozen.

There may show up damage from moles, deicing chemicals or road salt damage, or you might see snow mold growing on top of the turf, that makes it hard to withstand the urge to rake it.

However I would absolutely suggest waiting to see if spring is here to stay before performing any kind of yard upkeep, fertilizing your lawn, or doing any other type of spring lawn care such as patching or overseeding this early as well.


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It’s finest to offer the yard time to warm up, dry out and start getting up from dormancy before raking it. So wait until all the snow has actually melted, the ground has actually thawed, and your yard starts to turn green before you start to rake turf in spring.

I know you’re itching to go out there, and spring is a fun time to do other kinds of yard clean up jobs, like picking up any fallen tree branches, pet dog poo or other particles on the lawn … but leave the yard rake in storage for a few more weeks.

Do not fret, there are plenty of spring gardening tasks that you can do to prepare your gardens for spring that will keep you hectic enough time for your grass to awaken so you can finally rake the yard! Just remember to resist the desire to rake the lawn in early spring.