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I have actually been growing brag-worthy onions in my garden for a few years now, and whenever I post pictures of them I get a ton of question. Among the most common concerns is, “How do you understand when to gather onions?”. This is a fantastic question because it’s not something that’s apparent when you grow onions for the very first time.

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Well, I have some fantastic news for you. Onions are practically the most affordable upkeep veggie you can grow in the garden.

There is no magic time they need to be collected, onions are extremely laid back and basically cool with … whatever.

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Yep, you can gather onions pretty much whenever you desire. Onions are edible at any point, no matter how little they are.

You do not need to wait up until they are “ripe” to harvest them, you can gather onions as you need to.

So, if you need an onion for a dish, merely pluck it out of the garden whenever you desire.

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Even though you can gather them at any time you desire, there is an ideal time to collect onions– especially if you desire them to grow as big as possible prior to you harvest them.

The very best time to collect onions is after the stem has actually tipped over by itself. This is a sign that they’re done growing and a prepared to go dormant.

Sometimes onions will start to flower prior to the stem falls over. If that occurs, then harvest that onion and utilize it right now.

You don’t wish to permit your onions to bloom since that will steal all the energy from the bulb and you won’t be able to eat it.

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Among the terrific features of growing onions is that after the stem flops over, you don’t need to collect them right now.

You can leave them in the garden up until YOU are all set.

That truly helps take the stress of harvesting the garden, since a lot of other veggies require to be harvested as soon as they’re ready or they might to bad.

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As long as your garden stays relatively dry anyhow.

If you get a lot of rain, or your garden is truly damp, then you shouldn’t wait too long to collect them or they could rot.

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Harvesting onions is as easy as just pulling or popping them out of the ground. If it’s dry enough, you can merely pop your onions out of the ground and let them sit there for a day or more.

Then move them into a garage or dry basement for several days or weeks to permit them to treat (dry out).

Onions need to be dry prior to you store them, or they could rot/mold. If any of your onions are harmed or are showing signs of rot, then you’ll certainly wish to use those up first instead of trying to keep them.

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Do not stress, onions are quite sturdy and will not be bothered by frost. So you have lots of time to get them collected before the cold fall weather comes.

Heck, we even had one onion endure our bitter cold Minnesota winter in 2015, so they are pretty durable (though I would not suggest leaving them out that long, haha).

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Collecting onions is easy! It’s so great to know that you don’t have to hurry to get them all harvested at once, and then find out what to do with all those onions.

Knowing when to collect onions will ensure you will have the largest, healthiest onion harvest possible from your garden.