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One of the greatest happiness of gardening is enjoying butterflies drifting around from flower to blossom. It’s one of my most favorite aspects of summer! Well I have some terrific news for you … it’s easy to fill your blossom yard with butterflies, it just takes a bit of planning. Maintain reviewing to figure out just how to develop a butterfly friendly garden.

Blossom Garden With Butterflies: Tips To Produce A Butterfly Friendly Yard

Butterfly gardens are super popular nowadays. I obtain lots of questions from visitors requesting for tips and recommendations concerning beginning a butterfly yard, and also exactly how to choose great plants.

That’s why I’ve joined All-America Selections (AAS) to reveal you just how to develop a butterfly pleasant garden with wonderful plants. AAS makes it incredibly very easy to pick excellent quality plants that will certainly prosper in your yard!


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If you want to make selecting the very best butterfly garden plants a no brainer, I extremely advise seeking plants (or seeds) with the All-America Selections logo on them.

AAS has actually educated, specialist judges that place plants to the examination each year. They only choose the best carrying out plants to award the AAS designation, so we can be certain we’re getting the most effective top quality plants butterflies will enjoy.


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The secret to bring in butterflies to your garden is what you plant in the garden, as well as the most effective area to start is with flowers.

However developing a butterfly friendly yard is greater than simply planting a number of blossoms, then sitting back as well as waiting for the butterflies to turn up. There are specific points you need to ensure to consist of in order to load your blossom yard with butterflies.

Do not fret, I’m mosting likely to make this truly simple for you! The initial step is creating your butterfly yard layout strategy.


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The terrific news is that you do not need to have a substantial area in your yard to plant a butterfly garden. You can include it into an existing yard area, or carve out a tiny location of your yard to create a brand-new one.

Heck, you can even grow a butterfly pleasant garden in containers on your deck or patio.

It’s not the size of the yard that matters! But when you’re planning your butterfly yard format, there are a couple of essential things to bear in mind.

Full sun location– Butterflies enjoy the sunlight! They need the warmth from the sunlight in order to fly, and also the majority of grown-up butterflies will just feed in the sunlight. So ensure you intend to put your yard in a full sun area that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight on a daily basis.

Butterfly friendly flowers– Selecting flowers for your yard is just one of the important things you’ll wish to concentrate on, so you need to recognize which blossoms attract butterflies. Butterflies aren’t drawn in to every kind of flower, so it is essential to see to it you pick the most effective blossoms to draw in butterflies.

Continuous flowers– Not just do you need to plant tons of blossoms that butterflies enjoy, yet it’s additionally vital to make certain there’s always something growing in your yard. Butterflies won’t be drawn in to your garden if there aren’t any blossoms growing.

Yearly flowers make it a breeze to create a yard that’s constantly growing. They are the main plants that I use to aid fill my blossom yard with butterflies every summer season. Annuals are a vital enhancement to any butterfly garden because they blossom constantly, giving butterflies a limitless supply of nectar all summer season long.

Growing groups– When you’re planning a flower yard with butterflies in mind, make sure to purchase plants in groups instead of planting just one of each variety.

Organizing several plants of the very same selection will make it much easier for the butterflies to locate your garden, and will likewise motivate them to stay about much longer. Grouping plants will make your yard look much fuller as well.

Plant in layers– Fundamental blossom garden style concepts additionally put on creating the ideal butterfly garden. When you’re picking plants for your garden, look for ones with different heights, shades and also textures. Not just will your yard be much more appealing to different sorts of butterflies, it will also be a lot more appealing to human beings!

Planting your yard in layers will offer it the most effect. So plant the tallest ones in the back (or the facility if your yard can be viewed from all sides), and layer the plants from tallest to fastest, with the fastest ones ahead.


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If you wish to load your blossom yard with butterflies, the most important thing to think of is what plants attract butterflies.

You might be shocked to recognize that developing a butterfly pleasant yard isn’t EVERYTHING ABOUT the flowers! Here are some suggestions for selecting plants that bring in butterflies.

Consist of butterfly host plants– What is a butterfly host plant? A butterfly host plant is a type of plant where butterflies will lay their eggs, and their larvae (caterpillars) will certainly eat as they expand.

A few wonderful instances of host plants to include in your butterfly garden are dill, parsley or fennel for the black swallowtail butterfly, and milkweed or butterfly weed to draw in emperor butterflies.

Including a variety of butterfly host plants into your garden, along with flowers, is a certain way to not only draw in butterflies, however get them to stay also (see, I told you it wasn’t ALL about the blossoms).

Use colors that attract butterflies– Like I mentioned above, butterflies aren’t drawn in to every kind of blossom, and also shade is just one of the things that attracts them. Butterflies like brilliant flowers that stand apart in the yard.

So red, yellow, white, orange, pink and also purple are all fantastic choices. Don’t just stick with one shade either, it’s best to plant a diverse mix of colors to draw in as several butterflies as you can.

Pick a selection of plants– Planting a good selection of plants is a certain method to bring in a lot of different sorts of butterflies to your yard. A great selection of plants likewise adds interest to your garden, as well as looks beautiful too! Double incentive!


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There are lots of fantastic plants to draw in butterflies to your garden. A lot of that in some cases it can be overwhelming to determine the best flowers to select.

So I create a listing of a few of my top picks of AAS honor winning blossoms that would be excellent additions to the butterfly garden.

All of these plants will certainly grow well in containers also, so you can utilize them in any kind of butterfly yard design.

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit– Echinacea (also known as cone blossom) is a fantastic plant for butterflies! Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit can be found in a wide range of colors that would make a wonderful addition to any kind of garden, excellent for attracting butterflies!

Sunflower Suntastic Yellow with Black Center F1– Sunflowers are among the best plants for pollinators like butterflies. The important things I like one of the most about the Suntastic sunflower is that it’s a dwarf range that obtains lots of flowers! Perfect for keeping the butterflies returning all summer season long. Sunflowers are extremely simple to expand from seeds too!

Salvia Summer Season Gem ™ White– Another amazing addition to a butterfly pleasant garden is Salvia Summertime Gem. It has adorable little white blossoms that attract butterflies and various other pollinators, and it blooms all summer long. The butterflies love it!

Gaura Shimmer White– Gaura has dainty white flowers that are wonderful for bring in butterflies to the garden. Glow White will certainly bloom all summer season long, making it a great butterfly garden plant. Plus, it’s really warmth forgiving also.

Penstemon barbatus Twizzle Purple F1– With it’s beautiful collections of bell designed blossoms, penstemon are pollinator magnets! Twizzle Purple gets continuous blossoms all summer season long to keep the butterflies coming back for more! Great for including elevation to your garden.

Salvia Summer Gem ™ Lavender– One more among my top choices of award winning plants which draw in butterflies (as well as part of the Salvia Summer season Gem series) is a significant attractor of pollinators like butterflies. I really love the shade of the lavender blossoms on this also! Discover exactly how to grow lavender.

Zinnia Abundance Red– When you’re searching for butterfly garden flowers, zinnias are a NECESSITY! They are among the most effective plants for butterflies, and also my zinnias are constantly covered with them! Zinna Wealth Red is a small plant that is condition immune, as well as has consistent blossoms. The most effective part … it’s a real red shade that won’t fade in the extreme summer season sunlight!

Zinnia Wealth Double Deep Salmon– As I already pointed out, zinnias are one of the very best plants to make use of to fill your blossom yard with butterflies, as well as Zinnia Wealth Dual Deep Salmon is no exception. This beautiful plant blooms from spring with frost, so it will be attracting pollinators to your butterfly for months!

Penstemon Arabesque ™ Red F1– One more amazing plant that’s covered all summer season long with flowers that butterflies enjoy! My favorite aspect of this plant is the red as well as white flowers– they really stick out on the yard (as well as hummingbirds like them also)! Definitely among the absolute best flowers for butterflies.


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In addition to selecting the ideal butterfly garden plants and also flowers, there are a few even more points you can do to fill your blossom garden with butterflies. Here are some butterfly yard pointers that will maintain them coming back for even more!

Skip the chemicals– Pesticides are just one of the greatest dangers to pollinators like butterflies, so it’s extremely essential to skip the pesticides, particularly toxic chemical pesticides, in your butterfly friendly yard. Keep in mind that even organic and also natural chemicals can eliminate butterflies, so it’s best to avoid all forms of chemicals.

If you must utilize something, make certain you choose non-toxic, organic products, and use them selectively to target just the parasite insect. Never ever spray or treat your whole garden (BTW, this guidance holds true for any kind of yard, not just butterfly yards).

Give additional food resources– Flowers will certainly provide the food butterflies need, however you can additionally include unique feeders to provide a lot more food sources, making your garden much more eye-catching to them.

Provide an area to rest– Butterflies like to belong to remainder while they are feeding, or heating themselves in the sunlight. Huge rocks, decorative trellises or pillars, or perhaps a bench or a chair can supply a good resting location for them (plus these attractive elements also include visual rate of interest to your garden).

Wide, flat blossoms are also the perfect option, and also will certainly give the butterflies a place to rest and also rest while they feed (and additionally offer lots of awesome photo opps for you!).

Supply a water source– Butterflies additionally need water to endure, specifically during the most popular summer season, as well as giving them a water resource in the garden will assist attract them. A superficial bird bath or fish pond would be the perfect addition to your butterfly pleasant yard.

Consider elevating butterflies– Raising butterfly caterpillars inside your home is enjoyable, and also a terrific method to assist enhance the population of butterflies in your yard. It’s specifically simple to increase queen butterfly caterpillars, and children like it too!

Developing a flower garden with butterflies in mind is enjoyable and so gratifying! Not just will you reach enjoy these beautiful pollinators in your garden, however you’ll be assisting them out by developing an environment for them.

As well as when you buy garden plants (as well as seeds) that are All-America Selections victors, you can feel great that you’re getting exceptional top quality butterfly yard plants that will certainly bloom all summertime long. For even more plant ideas, and to get updates about the latest AAS victors, follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter as well as Instagram.