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If you’re new to growing seeds, you may be wondering if peat pellets or seed trays are the best to make use of for seed beginning. Individuals are constantly asking me which seed starting tool I like best, so I believed it would certainly be fun to do a side-by-side comparison of utilizing seed beginning peat pellets -vs- dirt filled seed trays.

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Seed Beginning Peat Pellets Vs. Soil Which Should You Make use of As well as Why?

Over the past few years, seed beginning peat pellets have actually ended up being popular. They are rapid and simple to utilize for planting seeds, and also they’re fun to utilize too.

Some individuals truly enjoy utilizing the seed pellets, and also there are certainly benefits to using them. However there are also some disadvantages that are essential to think about.


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If you’re brand-new to starting seeds, after that perhaps you’ve never become aware of peat pellets. Peat pellets (aka Jiffy seed beginners or grow pellets) were created to make beginning seeds simpler as well as easier for gardeners.

They look like little soil discs, and also are made from pressed peat moss. As the name recommends, these pressed soil discs are made out of peat moss, which is a prominent tool to use to expand seeds as well as plants.

Not only do they make it simple to grow your seeds, but seed starter pellets additionally make growing seed startings right into the garden super very easy also. If you’re questioning where to get peat pellets, you remain in luck! You should have the ability to discover peat pellets available for sale anywhere seeds and also seed beginning products are marketed.

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Since I simply discussed what peat moss pellets are, I figured I would certainly better discuss what I indicate when I speak about dirt filled seed growing trays.

Using plastic seed beginning cells and also trays is the extra standard technique for beginning plants from seed. You fill the plastic cells with seed beginning soil, and then plant seeds in them.

This is probably what most people imagine when they consider starting seeds inside your home.

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When it comes to picking in between these 2 approaches, there truly is no “best” method to begin your seeds inside. A great deal of times it will certainly just boil down to individual choice.

I utilized seedling trays for the very first numerous years, as well as it was constantly really cost-effective for me. So when I determined to attempt making use of peat pellets, the initial point that jumped out at me right now was the cost.

These are not as cost-effective when contrasted to a huge bag of natural seed starting mix as well as multiple-use plastic plant trays (although if you’re simply beginning, it will certainly be more expensive to get the seed starting sets– yet after that you can recycle them time after time).

However you truly have to consider all the benefits and drawbacks, not simply the expense … and among the greatest pros for peat pellets is convenience.

Ok, I’m obtaining a little bit ahead of myself below, so allow’s just jump right into the side-by-side comparison of the benefits and drawbacks for every of these two seed beginning approaches.


What I like (pros):.

Enjoyable to watch the pressed peat pellets increase when you add water (yes, I’m like a youngster!).
Easy start up (you do not have to load cells with dirt, simply add water to the peat pellet trays and also view the peat moss discs broaden).
Much less function since you only have to clean and sanitize the seed trays, and not every one of those plastic cells.
Much less mess because you don’t have to load cells with loose dust (which is difficult not to spill, at the very least for unpleasant me).
You do not have to get a brand-new seed starting kit every year, you can just buy peat pellet refills and recycle the tray.
Makes planting plants a snap, plus seed starter pellets assist to reduce seed starting transplant shock.
Seed starting peat pellets in seed trays.
Jiffy seed starter pellets in seed trays.

What I don’t such as (cons):.

Not as affordable.
The seed beginning peat pellets are held together by a mesh or slim netting outside, which doesn’t appear to damage down in the yard. The very first time I used these, I was finding the mesh throughout the yard for a number of years after.
The pellets dry out faster than the dirt in plastic cells.
The opening in the top is too small for huge seeds (but can be opened up easy adequate)– You can acquire peat moss pellets for larger seeds however, which is an excellent alternative.
Harder to label if you have several types of seeds in one flat, since there’s no place to stick the plant pen.


What I like (pros):.

The plastic plant trays are reusable, simply include seedling dirt mix (or you can make your very own DIY seed beginning mix).
Affordable due to the fact that you can recycle them every year.
Easy to add a plant tag to tiny groups of various types of seeds.
The soil does not dry as swiftly as peat pellets do.

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What I don’t such as (disadvantages):.

A lot more prep job to clean and disinfect the cells and trays.
A bit more difficult to transplant the plants right into the garden.
Risk of transplant shock is greater.


There are two important things that maintain me from switching over to using the peat pellets vs. dirt for every one of my seed starting. One is price, as well as the other is the truth that you have to eliminate the netting (or mesh) that’s on the outside, trigger that won’t decompose.

Neither of these are massive bargain breakers for me though (the mesh outside is actually rather simple to peel prior to you plant the plants right into the garden), as well as I will certainly continue to use a mix of both methods (seed starting peat pellets are a should for seed startings that despise to be hair transplanted).

However, if you ask me to pick peat pellets vs. soil … I directly prefer to utilize the seed starting trays with dirt over the peat pellets.

If you’re attempting to determine whether peat pellets are best for you, or if you should use the standard plastic cells as well as trays, I claim try both and also see which technique you such as the most effective!

I truly enjoy exactly how easy hair transplanting the Jiffy peat pellets is, as well as if you do not start a lots of seeds, then the included price won’t be a substantial problem. Both methods are great, you just have to decide what’s ideal for you.