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This late in the summer season when the seasonal gardens begin to look exhausted, the annuals are going strong. One of my preferred annuals that I grow in my yard yearly are zinnias. In my viewpoint, zinnias are a should have for every yard!

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Among the very best features of zinnias is that they are very simple to grow from seed, the seeds will usually grow within days of being sown. The seed startings are tough and also they transplant easily into the garden, I always have close to a 100% survival price of transplanted plants.

The seedlings grow quickly to maturity, enabling the plant to bloom most of the summer season. It’s always among the initial plants in my annual yard to bloom … and also one of the last to be eliminated by frost in the fall.

Zinnias need little or no treatment. They are warm and also drought-tolerant, and also tolerate cooler temperatures later in the fall too.

Efraimstochter / Pixabay

They are not picky and will grow in almost any type of sort of dirt. They are great in containers along with in the yard.

An additional excellent feature of zinnias is that they make outstanding cut flowers. They remain fresh looking in a flower holder much longer than most other flowers I reduced!

Zinnias can be found in a number of stunning varieties and a wide variety of shades, which adds a ton of color to the gardens and cut flower plans. Butterflies especially enjoy them, as well as various other beneficial pollinators.

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Below are some other ideas to obtain the most from your zinnias:

Gather your own seeds to maintain them going in your gardens from year to year!!
They can reseed themselves, but are not aggressive reseeders.
Deadhead to motivate brand-new blossoms (however make sure to leave a couple of directly to accumulate seeds for following year!).
The even more you reduced the blossoms (to put in flower holders), the bushier the plant will expand and also the more flowers you will certainly obtain. It’s a win/win!
Great for a rock garden or a location that hardly obtains watered. If you have a location in your lawn that only gets sprinkled when it rains, try growing zinnias there.
Zinnias are perfect for the first time gardener. If you have actually never expanded from seed prior to and also fidget regarding what to begin with, ensure to attempt zinnias!