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Peonies are a traditional yard plant renowned for the big and also very fragrant flowers. Taking care of peonies is rather simple, and also doesn’t call for much job. This in-depth peonies care overview has every little thing you require to understand for effectively expanding peonies in your yard.

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Peonies are among one of the most well-known and also memorable yard plants that I understand of. If you grew up in a cool environment, you most likely have remarkable youth memories about peonies.

I’ve listened to numerous touching tales concerning people that have had the exact same plants in their family for generations, gave from their mommies and grannies. That’s due to the fact that peonies are long-lived plants that can expand and grow for 100 years.


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Peonies are valued for their significant sweet smelling blossoms that are perfect for cutting, and also generally used in wedding arrangements. For numerous, they are a staple in the flower yard, while others imagine expanding peonies in their very own garden some day.

The good news is that it’s simple to care for peonies, as well as they need really little upkeep. But just like any plant, they will expand and flower their finest when offered the right expanding demands.

Right here’s what you’ll discover in the comprehensive peonies care overview:

Various Sort Of Peonies
Peony Blossom Time
Where Can You Grow Peonies?
Where To Expand Peonies
Ideal Soil For Peonies
Tips For Watering Peonies
When To Plant Peonies
Exactly How To Plant Peony Roots
Moving Peony Plants
Deadheading & Trimming Peonies
Peony Fertilizer Requirements
How To Circulate Peonies
Peony Plant Supports
Peony Pest Problems
Repairing Common Problems
Where To Buy Peony Plants


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There are great deals of different selections of peonies on the market nowadays. The two broad types are tree peonies as well as herbaceous peonies. A tree peony has woody stems, blossoms previously, and also the plant is generally larger than herbaceous varieties.

Floral peony plant ranges are the ones where the stems pass away back to the ground ever before year, and also those are the ones your grandma made use of to expand. In this blog post, I’ll concentrate on peonies look after the floral varieties, because those are one of the most usual.


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Peonies season is generally anywhere from mid-May to very early June, relying on which growing area you remain in. Most years they begin flowering right around Memorial Day below in MN. Some sorts of peonies are very early bloomers, and also others flower later. So attempt blending a few various peony varieties into your garden for longer bloom times.

The blossoms usually last for concerning a week. Yet if you’re spiritual regarding deadheading them, you can extend the flower time of the plant a little bit longer.


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The peony growing zones range from 2-8. I obtain asked at all times if peonies can be expanded in warmer environments like Florida, Arizona or California. But the answer is no, they do not expand well in warm climates. As a matter of fact, areas 7-8 can even be too cozy for some varieties. As well as pressing the areas can make peonies care far more difficult.

The reason the peonies hardiness area list doesn’t include warm climates is because they require a chilly dormant period in order to blossom. So, sorry to claim that this is one that can not be expanded in warm climates.


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The very best location to plant peonies is in a full sun area. Though they will certainly bloom their best completely sun, they will certainly expand just as well in part-shade as long as they get at least 6 hours of sunshine per day.

Another thing to consider when you’re trying to figure out where to expand peonies is to make sure they aren’t crowded. Offering peonies a lot of space ensures good air circulation around the plants, which stops disease and also mold concerns.


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You don’t have to fret too much about the particular soil kind for peonies, they aren’t extremely fussy. But it’s ideal to plant them in a rich, abundant and also fast draining dirt, and also peony soil ph ought to be neutral. If you don’t recognize what sort of dirt you have, you can evaluate it utilizing an economical soil test set, or an usage dirt ph meter.

If your dirt is tough clay or actually sandy, after that it would certainly be a great suggestion to modify it with garden compost before growing to make peonies care much easier. Likewise, they will not tolerate wet soil for long, so make sure to plant them in a place where the dirt drains pipes rather quickly.


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Watering is an additional important part of peonies care. They despise to be overwatered as well as detest having wet feet, so take care to never ever overwater peonies. Likewise, make certain you do not plant them in a location where the soil stays damp for extended periods of time. A soil moisture gauge is a convenient device to aid you monitor just how damp or dry the dirt is.

When it comes to sprinkling your peonies, it’s ideal to sprinkle the plants from the bottom rather than over the top of the leaves to stay clear of problems with mold and disease.


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The best time to plant peonies remains in the loss after the warmth of summer, yet before freezing temperature levels arrive. The second-rate time to plant them is as quickly as the ground has defrosted in very early springtime.

If you must, you can grow them at any moment during the growing period, however transplant shock will be worsened by the warmth if you grow them throughout the summertime. So, if you can’t wait up until loss, after that the best time for growing peonies in summer season is on a cloudy day when there’s rain in the projection. And also be sure to keep them well watered till they recover from any transplant shock.


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Planting peony tubers unfathomable is a large issue, and one of the main reasons the plants will not blossom. So it is essential to obtain this part right. The appropriate peony growing depth for bare root bulbs is simply below the surface of the dirt, much less than 2 inches deep.

To plant a bare origin peony, initial dig a hole that is two times the dimension of the bulbs. Pack down the soil prior to positioning the tubers to ensure they will not clear up much deeper than 2 inches. After that put the origins in addition to the compressed soil with the peony eyes facing up. Cover them with concerning an inch and a fifty percent of dirt, as well as provide an excellent drink of water.

It can take 2-3 years for a plant to become well established and begin blooming after growing bare origin peonies, so be patient.


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Peonies dislike to be transplanted, so it’s best to just relocate them if it’s definitely needed. The most effective time to transplant peonies is in the autumn. However, if you can not wait until fall, after that wait until after they are done flowering prior to moving peonies in springtime.

Certainly, they can be moved at any time if you absolutely require to, yet they might have a more difficult time obtaining developed if you move them in the summertime. Simply remember, if you plant peonies too deep, they will not blossom, and also this guideline applies to transplanting peonies as well.

When hair transplanting peony plants, make sure to grow the rootball at the exact same depth as it was in the old spot, never plant it much deeper. If you’re transplanting them from a pot, the top of the soil of the rootball must sit despite the top of the soil in the garden. Simply make sure the soil in the hole is loaded down prior to growing peony shrubs to ensure that your plant will not settle deeper right into the hole.

It can take a year or two for peonies to recoup after being hair transplanted, so they might not blossom the initial year. But you need to begin to see blossoms once again the second year.


Pruning peony bushes is not absolutely called for, yet it helps to keep the plant looking it’s best, prevent disease and mildew concerns, and also expand their flowering. So it’s a great suggestion to make trimming a regular part of your regular peonies care timetable. Right here are some quick suggestions for exactly how and also when to reduce peonies …

Deadheading peonies in the spring can help to extend the blooming time of the plant. There are a number of buds per stem, as well as the smaller side buds will flower a lot more reliably if you remove the bigger center flower once it has started to fade. To deadhead a peony, just cut off each of the single flowers with a clean as well as sharp set of trimming shears as quickly as they start to fade.

Pruning peonies after growing– Once the plant is done flowering, trim peony stems back to listed below the elevation of the shrub so the vacant stem isn’t protruding all summertime long. Currently, you can likewise trim back the whole shrub a few added inches to keep it shapely, as well as thin it to improve airflow. Do not reduce peonies to the ground throughout summer season pruning however, your plant requires to have leaves in order to create lots of energy to grow once again next year. You can reduce each stem individually making use of hand pruners, or you can make use of hedge shears or electrical hedge leaners to make the work easier.

Pruning peonies in loss– Pruning is a vital part of loss take care of peonies. You need to eliminate all the leaves and stems in the loss after a murder frost as opposed to waiting up until springtime. Cutting down peonies in the fall is especially essential if your plant was contaminated with mildew or condition, as they can overwinter on the plant leaves and also infect the plant again next year.


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Peonies flourish on forget, and don’t need to be fertilized, particularly if you amended the soil before planting. But, if they are planted in a poor quality dirt, or you’ve never fed them previously, then they will absolutely benefit from being fed.

The best time for feeding peonies is after they are done flowering in early summertime. An annual side clothing of compost or aged manure, also making use of an organic all-purpose plant food is truly all they require. Never apply compost over the top of the primary rootball though, otherwise the plant might act as if it’s been planted unfathomable stop flowering.

As for the very best plant food for peonies, I constantly recommend making use of organic plant foods because they function much better than synthetic ones, and there’s less threat of shedding your plants. My favorites kinds of natural plant food for peony plants are compost tea (you can acquire pre-made liquid compost tea concentrate, or buy compost tea bags for making your very own), or a basic purpose one (you can buy liquid fertilizer, or use slow-release granules if you prefer to).


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The only trustworthy approach of propagating peonies is by department, as well as their origins are relatively fragile. Make sure when splitting peonies to ensure that you don’t reduce or break short even more origins than you require to.

Unlike numerous various other seasonal plants, peonies don’t need to be split often. However they can be divided if you want to share peony begins with buddies, or in order to develop new plants for a various yard area. You can split the whole rootball, or simply eliminate a few of the roots for planting. Just make sure the peony origin bulbs have 3 to 4 eyes each in order to get the very best results.


Peonies need extremely little care, but one point they do require is additional assistance when they’re blooming so the blossoms do not flop to the ground as quickly as they open. So you’ll definitely want to add this job to your routine peonies care regular. The very best time to add plant supports for peonies is either in the fall right after you reduced them down, or in early springtime prior to the plant begins growing.

Naturally, you can add plant sustains any time, however it’s a lot easier to do it when the plant is inactive. Or else you can take the chance of harming the stems or grows by betting them once they have actually begun growing.

You can acquire peony cages, obtain a peony ring, or simply stake them utilizing garden risks as well as twine or adaptable plant ties. Learn more regarding peony sustains, and also get detailed instructions for precisely just how to risk peonies here.


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Peonies don’t have several problems with bugs, so this is something you should not need to bother with as part of your peonies care routine. As a matter of fact, peonies are bunny as well as deer resistant, which is outstanding for those people that have to battle these fuzzy insects.

One bug that readers ask me concerning constantly is ants on peonies. There is an old wives tale that individuals still share today declaring that peonies require ants in order to flower. This is totally not real, it’s a gardening misconception.

Ants (and the wasps at my home) like to eat the pleasant nectar that is eliminated as the peony buds are developing. Yet the ants have no impact on the plants at all, favorably or negatively– and also do not stress, they’re definitely not eating the blossom buds. If ants are an issue on your peonies, simply shake or wipe them off before bringing the blossoms right into your home. Otherwise, you can just leave the ants alone.


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Although peonies treatment is really simple compared to numerous various other sorts of perennials, they aren’t totally care-free. When it comes to expanding peonies, the biggest concerns you’ll most likely encounter are mildew/mold, illness, peonies not flowering, or the flowers being up to the ground as quickly as they open. Below are some ideas for repairing one of the most usual peony troubles.

Peonies not flowering– Lack of flowers can be triggered by 2 things, either the roots are planted too deep or your plant isn’t obtaining sufficient sun. Peonies will not bloom in shade, they need a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight in order to flower. The more sunlight they get, the much better they will certainly flower. If you’re worried you grew your peony too deep, then you can comply with the directions under the Moving Peony Plant kingdom area above to dig peonies and also replant them shallower. Additionally, make sure when mulching peonies to ensure that you’re not hiding your plants. If they are covered with mulch or garden compost, it has the exact same result as if they were grown also deep. Also, bear in mind that it can take 2-3 years for peonies to flower after growing them, so if your plants are brand-new, they might just require even more time.
Peony mold/mildew or spots on peony leaves– Most of the time, any kind of sort of peony illness or mildew issues can be dealt with by merely cutting peony shrubs in the summer season to permit better air blood circulation around the fallen leaves. As quickly as you see any type of places on the leaves, or notification fine-grained mold on peonies, eliminate the contaminated components and ruin them. You can likewise try using an organic fungicide to assist regulate it. Additionally, make sure to clean up every one of the vegetation in the loss as well as destroy it to so that the spores can’t overwinter on the plant. Cutting down peonies in the autumn and getting rid of all of the vegetation from the area aids protect against the disease/fungus from overwintering on the plant. See the Deadheading & Pruning area above for details regarding cutting peonies.
Peony wilting after transplant– When a plant sags or shrivels after planting, this is called transplant shock. The most effective point to do is ensure your plant is well sprinkled throughout this moment, however otherwise leave it alone. Wait to prune or feed your plant until it has perked back up once more, and also recovered from the shock. Hair transplanting peonies in the very early spring or loss is the very best method to prevent transplant shock. See the When To Plant Peonies area above for more details.
Blossoms crash to the ground as quickly as they open up– This is the most significant peony problem that many people will have, it’s really usual, and also it’s an integral part of appropriate peonies treatment. The big blossoms are as well hefty for their stems to hold up, particularly when they come to be damp after a rains, so they fall to the ground. The most effective way to stop this trouble is by betting the plants, or using some kind of a peony assistance frames or peony plant support hoops. See the Peony Plant Supports area above for even more information.


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If you’re questioning where to acquire peonies, you should be able to find potted peony plants for sale at your regional garden facility. They are most generally sold during the spring and summer, as long as they are hardy in your growing area. Often times you can likewise locate peony favor sale in the light bulbs as well as bulbs area as well. You can likewise talk with your regional garden facility to see if you can order peony plants. Naturally, you can always buy peonies on-line as well, which is probably where you’ll find the best range.

When it concerns great smelling blossoms, peonies are difficult to beat. The pleasant odor as well as massive flowers are what makes them so popular. Even when they’re not flowering, the dark vegetation makes a lovely background for various other flowers. Plus peonies care is so simple, and also they require extremely little maintenance, which is always a massive plus for me. As long as you live in the appropriate environment, you actually can’t fail with peonies.