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Protecting Grapes from Garden PestsWe have two grapevines in our backyard, one of them is 2 years old and the other one we got last year. We lastly have our very first grapes growing and we’re very excited about it!

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I understand that birds and bugs can be a huge issue for grapes and I wanted to prevent that if I could. So I triggered to do some research about how to protect our grapevines from birds and bugs.

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I didn’t find much details on the web about protecting the grapevines. Throughout my search, I did see a number of pictures that revealed grapevines covered with what looked like a great mesh cloth.

So I decided to utilize the exact same tulle product to cover our grapevines that I used to cover the squash plants.

You can also purchase bird netting for the garden, which is inexpensive too. I’ve also seen bird repellent scare tape used at vineyards to safeguard grapes, however I haven’t attempted it in my garden yet.

This is a lightweight tulle material that you can discover at any fabric store. It had to do with $1.40/ yard. I purchased 3 yards for each vine, which will permit space for growth.

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Our grapevines are growing on a high pergola structure, so that made it a little more difficult to cover them with the tulle.


First I stapled the tulle at the top of the pergola.
Then covered the tulle loosely around the vines.
Then I thoroughly folded the tulle and utilized clothing pins to keep the material closed.
The clothespins will make it simple to open the tulle and access the grapevines so I can train the vines throughout the summertime and change the tulle if required. It didn’t take very long to cover both grapevines.

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The tulle doesn’t look too bad in the garden either. Although my spouse believes our pergola appears like it’s been decorated for a wedding now. Ha, maybe I need to string some lights in with the tulle.

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This tulle material will work terrific to keep the bugs and birds away from our grapevines so we can have a fantastic grape harvest this year.

Sorry birds, no grapes for you!

How do you secure your grapevines from insects in the garden? Leave a remark listed below and tell me about your experience.