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Propagating plumerias is a fantastic means to increase your collection, or share your favorite plant with buddies. In this article, I’ll discuss different plumeria breeding methods, reveal you when and also how to take plumeria cuttings, and after that show you just how to grow plumeria from a cutting, step-by-step.

Just How To Propagate Plumeria From Cuttings

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Plumerias (aka frangipani plant or Hawaiian bouquet tree) are gorgeous tropical plants. They grow to be large trees in warm climates like Hawaii, as well as are prominent for their aromatic blossoms (which are used to make bouquets). I brought home my first plumeria cuttings from Hawaii several years ago, as well as have actually circulated my plumerias several times over since then. It’s enjoyable as well as very easy!


There are 2 major plumeria breeding approaches you can utilize for growing brand-new plants– propagation by seed or by plant cuttings. In this message, I will certainly reveal you exactly how to grow plumeria from cuttings. I’ll save the seed beginning for a future blog post.

I understand it seems frightening, however expanding plumeria from cuttings is actually quite easy. First, allow’s discuss when is the very best time to try it.


The most effective time to take cuttings for plumeria breeding is throughout their energetic expanding season, which is in the springtime and also summertime. Summer is the most convenient time of the year to root them also, especially when it’s warm and damp exterior.

If you take cuttings too late in the summertime, or in the loss as the plant is beginning to go dormant for the winter, then they most likely won’t take root.


Plumerias go inactive during the winter season, so if cuttings were taken far too late they will likely remain dormant and won’t grow origins. However, if you keep them correctly, you can overwinter them, and also root them in the spring.

Simply leave the cutting in the pot, and maintain the soil completely dry all winter long. You can mist it with water every as soon as well as a while if you desire, yet do not exaggerate it. Then in very early spring, offer it an excellent beverage of water, as well as follow the plumeria cuttings care instructions below for growing them.


There are a few points you’ll intend to keep in mind when cutting plumeria stems for rooting (and also for trimming plumeria plants also). It does not make a distinction where you cut the stem, so it’s simply an issue of how long you intend to make your cuttings.

However you do want to make certain to make use of a sharp set of pruners, and constantly disinfect them so you get a wonderful tidy cut. Likewise, plumerias are extremely vulnerable to tip rot, so it is necessary to constantly make your cuts at a descending angle so that water can not work out right into the wound.

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Prior to you get as well excited and also stick your plumeria reducing directly into the dirt, there are a few actions you’ll need to take to prepare it for the very best possibility of success. Initially, remove the leaves from the cutting. This will enable it to put all of it’s energy into growing brand-new roots, instead of sustaining the leaves.

Second, make certain to permit the injury to cure (dry) before you attempt to root it. This step is extremely important, so don’t miss it, otherwise your plumeria reducing will likely rot rather than growing new origins. Allow it being in a completely dry area up until the wound is totally cured. This can take a number of days to over a week, so hold your horses, and also don’t hurry it.

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A typical question I get asked is “can I root my plumeria in water?”. The short answer is indeed. Nevertheless, rooting plumeria in water isn’t constantly a huge success. Many times, the stems will only rot when positioned in water.

If you have plenty of cuttings to deal with, then of course explore this approach! My favored plumeria proliferation approach nonetheless is rooting them in soil. So, I’ll stay with that for now.


When growing a plumeria cutting, it’s extremely vital that you constantly use a tidy pot to avoid any kind of sort of contamination.

Also, make certain you don’t use a substantial pot for growing plumeria cuttings, otherwise you run the risk of overwatering which will just create it to rot. I make use of 4 ″ pots for rooting most of mine, and also as soon as well as a while I might increase to a 6 ″ pot if I’m rooting a larger stems.

Supplies Needed:.

Treated plumeria cuttings.
Breeding soil (I mix my very own making use of perlite, potting dirt, and also rugged sand– yet you can use a delicious soil mix instead).
Plant rooting hormone.
A tidy pot (I make use of 4 ″ pots for mine).
Right here are the actions for exactly how to start a plumeria cutting in dirt …

Action 1: Dirt the cut end with rooting hormonal agent– Rooting hormone will certainly help plumeria cuttings expand origins, and likewise quicken origin formation. You can attempt rooting your cuttings without it, yet I locate that I have much more success with plumeria propagation when I use it.

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Action 2: Make a hole in the dust– Utilize your finger or a pencil to make an opening in the dirt where the cutting will certainly go. If you didn’t dirt completion with rooting hormonal agent in step 1, after that you do not have to bother with this step. However making an opening in the soil initially will certainly maintain the rooting hormonal agent from rubbing off when you stick the cutting into the dirt.

Action 3: Put cutting into the soil– Place the cut end into the opening you made, and afterwards pack the dirt down around the base of the stem. You want to make sure the soil enters call with the cutting, and that it will certainly remain in place. The roots will certainly outgrow the bottom of the stem, so you do not need to plant it very deep. Just deep sufficient so it will certainly stand up on it’s very own.

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Tip 4: Wet the dirt– Give the dirt an excellent drink, until water begins coming out of the water drainage openings. Enable the water to drain totally from the pot, as well as never ever enable it to sit in a tray of water. Then place your cutting in a secured, humid location, as well as await the origins to grow.


To motivate origins to expand, make certain to maintain the air around your plumeria reducing moist, yet the dirt on the dry side. If you live in a moist environment like I do, you don’t require to do anything. Merely leave it outside in the warmth as well as humidity, and also soon it will start to grow. Simply make certain to keep it umbrageous up until then.

Yet, if you live someplace completely dry, or you’re attempting to root the plumeria plant reducing inside your home, after that it’s an excellent idea to mist it every number of days with a plant sprayer to keep the moisture level high.

Just do not sprinkle the soil, you want that to stay on the dry side. Moist dirt will just cause your plumeria reducing to rot, and you do not want that. You’ll understand roots have actually begun to grow once you see new leaves growing from the top.

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For how long it takes for the cuttings to root depends on the atmosphere. If it’s really completely dry, then it will certainly take a lot longer for plumeria cuttings to root. But, if you maintain them in a damp area, and provide intense light (not direct sunlight), then they will root much quicker. In the appropriate problems, plumeria roots should begin expanding in a week or 2.

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As soon as your cutting starts expanding and has a couple of mature leaves on it, after that you understand it’s safe to pot it up. You certainly do not require to bother with repotting plumeria cuttings today, you can leave them in the little pot till they come to be pot-bound if you prefer to.

The very best potting soil for plumeria plants is a porous mix, and they should always be planted in a pot that has drainage holes. They do not such as to be overwatered, so it’s super essential to make certain to make use of a quick draining plumeria potting mix. You can utilize succulent potting soil, or make your very own plumeria potting dirt by blending rugged sand as well as perlite or pumice with basic potting dirt.

Once your new child plumeria has actually become developed in it’s pot, you can begin fertilizing it to motivate flowers! Plumeria plants can blossom starting their first year! You can make use of exotic plant fertilizer especially created plumerias as well as other exotic plants. Otherwise, several of the very best fertilizer for plumeria plants are compost tea (you can get in fluid form, or acquire garden compost tea bags to brew your own), fish emulsion or liquid kelp (do not use these 2 indoors though due to the fact that they are a bit odiferous).

Discover how to grow a plumeria plant in my detailed plumeria plant care guide!

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If you’re ever in Hawaii, you can locate plumeria cuttings available everywhere. However otherwise, do not worry, it’s also rather easy to find plumeria cuttings up for sale online (I bought this red plumeria cutting in 2015, and also it’s growing terrific!). If you want to acquire them on-line, just make sure to buy plumeria cuttings in the springtime or summer season for ideal outcomes.

Plumeria proliferation by cuttings seems like it would be actually hard, but it’s really rather very easy when you follow these steps. They expand actually fast too, so once you master it, you’ll have lots of new plants to share with good friends!