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It might seem like it would be hard, however banana plants are really rather very easy to circulate. If you want to provide it a shot, I have actually got you covered. In this post, I’ll talk about the different banana breeding approaches, and show you precisely just how to propagate banana plants detailed.

Exactly How To Propagate Banana Plants

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I have two banana plants in my collection that I’ve had for several years. Both of them have sprouted puppies (likewise referred to as babies or fools) over the past few years. This summer, I saw they both had a couple of puppies that prepared to be gotten rid of from the mother plants. Since the puppies are fully grown, it’s time to obtain busy proliferating my banana!

Propagating banana plants is rather very easy, and also you can follow these actions whether your banana plant is expanding in a pot or in the ground. Though I will certainly caution you, it’s a little bit of job dividing plants that are in the ground, so prepare to sweat a little.


There are a few different banana breeding methods: proliferation by department (aka: vegetative proliferation), tissue culture, or even expanding them from seed in some cases.

A lot of types of bananas are sterilized though, and do not create seeds. Tissue culture propagation is quite technological as well as requires unique devices found in a lab. Those 2 approaches are complicated, I prefer to adhere to the very easy method.

So, in this message, I’m only going to talk about splitting banana plants, which is without a doubt the most convenient means to circulate bananas.

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New banana plants establish from the base of the plant, as well as those are called banana pups. They are additionally typically described as “fools” or “infants”. Fully grown banana dogs can be gotten rid of and grown to expand brand-new plants.

If you wish to try to proliferate your banana plant by department, the first thing you’ll want to do is see to it the dog you’re intending to get rid of is mature enough to expand on it’s very own. That means, the pup ought to have it’s own roots.

To check the pups root advancement, carefully get rid of the plant from it’s pot, or dig down much adequate to subject the origins. Then brush back the soil around the base of the dog to see if it has created it’s own origins.

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If the pup doesn’t have any type of origins then it’s not ready to be gotten rid of, as well as will not endure on it’s very own. So cover the origins back up as well as give the dog more time to expand. If it does have roots, then comply with the actions listed below to eliminate it.


The best time to separate banana plants is in the springtime or fall. Yet there’s no need that claims the dogs need to be eliminated from the plant, mine was expanding simply fine with all those fools.

But my plant is exceptionally pot-bound and I didn’t wish to repot it right into a larger pot, it allows enough already. Plus I have a few pals that would certainly enjoy to have a banana plant of their own. To make sure that’s why I chose to eliminate a few puppies from each plant.


Before you can circulate bananas, you’ll need to collect a couple of products. Do not worry, you won’t need a number of pricey equipment for this method of banana propagation– and I wager you currently have the majority of this things handy.

Propagation Supplies Needed:.

Potting soil (if growing in a container).
Clean container.
Shovel (if excavating in the garden).
Sharp set of clippers or a sharp blade.
One point to note prior to starting is that your banana pup is mosting likely to experience some injury below, as well as you wish to take steps to decrease the amount of transplant shock.

So, have the new container ready to go as well as partly loaded with dirt, or dig the hole in your yard before eliminating the puppy. That way you can obtain your brand-new child banana tree grown as rapidly as possible after removing it.


Action 1: Loosen up the rootball– This job will be much easier if your banana is expanding in a pot like mine. Merely move the whole plant out of the pot first.

After that delicately tease apart the roots of the dog and mom plant, functioning to complimentary as a number of the pups origins as feasible. Try not to break any one of the puppies roots in the process (have perseverance, this might be an uphill struggle and also take some time).

Action 2: Cut the puppy from the main plant– Once you discover the place where the pup is attached to the main plant, make use of a sharp, clean and sterile pair of clippers or a blade to reduce the link. Once more, attempt not to cut off any of the pups roots, simply cut the connection to the primary plant preferably.

Step 3: Free the pups origins– As soon as you have actually severed the connection to the mommy plant, remain to tease the banana plant roots, carefully drawing the dog away from the primary rootball until it’s complimentary.

Getting rid of the puppy sounds like it would certainly be incredibly very easy, but for a well established banana plant it will certainly take some effort. Just hold your horses and take your time. After you’re done removing the pup, put the mom plant back into it’s pot, or repot it into a new one if you desire.

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Now that you have actually effectively removed the pup, you can pot it up into it’s own container. Banana plants aren’t particular concerning the their soil, however they do favor an abundant, natural as well as quick draining pipes soil mix.

You can use my container potting soil dish to make your very own, or you can make use of basic potting dirt with some perlite or pumice mixed in for additional drainage.

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Plant the baby banana in it’s new pot at the exact same deepness it was in the old pot, taking care to cover all the roots as you load the container with soil. Once you have actually filled up the pot with soil, offer your brand-new banana plant a great beverage of water.

Your new banana plant could sag for a few days until it obtains used to surviving it’s very own, that is typical transplant shock. To assist it with the shock, it’s a good suggestion to maintain it out of complete sun as well as ensure it’s well watered until it has perked back up again.

That’s it, currently you have a new banana plant to share with a close friend (aren’t they lucky!?). Banana breeding by department can take some job, yet it’s by far the most convenient method to propagate banana plants. Simply remember to take your time with it, and also have persistence.