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You might be amazed to understand that garlic ought to be planted in the fall, and then gathered mid-summer. Planting garlic at the wrong time is the most common error that new garden enthusiasts make. In this post, I will show you exactly when and how to plant garlic.

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Growing garlic is in fact quite simple, but timing is everything. Discover how to plant garlic in simply a couple of simple actions. Quickly you’ll be gathering your own, lovely house grown garlic!


This has actually been a preferred concern recently, so I thought I would compose a post to show you exactly how to plant garlic.

Maybe it comes as no surprise to you that garlic requires to be planted in the fall instead of in the spring, but I know I was amazed when I discovered that!

Unfortunately, it was a lesson that I needed to discover the difficult method. The very first time I ever attempted growing garlic in my garden … well, the words “legendary failure” entered your mind.


Back when I was a gardening noob, I believed that you needed to plant whatever in the spring right after the last frost.

Whatever! So, naturally that’s when I planted my garlic.

Well, needless to say it was really … underwhelming. I indicate, some of my garlic grew and I got super delighted. But after the initial enjoyment of seeing green wore away, I entirely forgot about them.

I was so busy (and most likely completely overwhelmed) with weeding and other garden maintenance stuff that I forgot that the garlic even existed.

I didn’t plant much garlic that year, and all the other plants took control of the garden and hid it, so it was easy to forget it.

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When fall came (cause that’s when you’re expected to gather everything, right?), I lastly remembered that I had planted garlic, and I was extremely excited to dig up some huge garlic bulbs.

There were a few high green stalks, so I was sure that meant my garlic was doing terrific. So, prior to frost came I collected whatever in my garden, and conserved the garlic for last.

Oh man, this is going to be remarkable!

However when I dug up my garlic bulbs, I was totally disappointed.

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There wasn’t much there except for a couple of super tiny garlic bulbs, and most of the garlic that I planted had actually just decayed in the ground (OMG, rotten garlic is basically the most revolting thing I have actually ever smelled!!).

Gaging, I stuck to just digging up the ones with green stalks, however sure enough, none of them had the fantastic, beautiful garlic bulbs I was picturing in my head.

So, with head hanging heavy, I tossed my pitiful garlic harvest into the garden compost bin.

After that experience, I didn’t attempt growing garlic again for a few years. I composed it off as “too tough to grow” or “it does not grow well in my environment” and adhered to growing plants I was more familiar (and successful) with.

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The amusing thing is, garlic is in fact very simple to grow! I just didn’t understand when to plant it.

If you live in a warm environment with a long growing season, you can undoubtedly plant garlic in the spring. But our growing season in Minnesota is way too short to plant garlic in the spring!

Garlic grown in cold environments like mine will grow best when it’s planted in the fall. Much like with a lot of things in the garden, effectively growing big, gorgeous garlic bulbs is all about the timing.

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Garlic is grown from the individual cloves. Garlic cloves should be planted in the late fall or early winter season.

Wait until after the first few frosts prior to you plant your garlic. Here’s how to plant garlic …

Choose a warm spot in your garden that you will dedicate to growing your garlic.
Prepare the garden bed and remove any plants or weeds that were growing there.
Loosen up the soil and mix in some garden compost or organic worm castings if you have it.
Carefully disintegrate the garlic bulb into specific cloves (do not get rid of the papery skin from the cloves).

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Plant the garlic cloves tip up; 3-4 inches deep and 6-8 inches apart.
Cover the garlic cloves with soil.
Cover the whole bed with a couple of inches of a light mulch (like straw or leaves) once you’re done planting your garlic.
That’s it! Told you it was simple to plant garlic bulbs.

When spring comes, get rid of the layer of mulch and feed your garlic bulbs with fish emulsion, compost tea, or another natural fertilizer to give them an increase, and continue feeding throughout the growing season.

Your scrumptious house grown garlic will be prepared to gather in mid-summer when the foliage starts to die back on it’s own.