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The previous few years I have actually been concentrated on improving my perennial gardens and including plants to give my gardens constant flowers throughout the summer. However last spring I realized there aren’t nearly sufficient spring blooming garden bulbs in my gardens. I must fix that problem!

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There are lots of various kinds of fall flower bulbs you can plant in your garden for beautiful spring blossoms.

Some of my favorites are tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, and allium flower bulbs.

You can easily mix them into any existing seasonal flower garden to assist create everblooming spring gardens.

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Planting garden bulbs is quite simple. First find the area in your garden where you want to plant the bulbs.

Flowers look best when they’re planted in groupings, and I like to mix different varieties of bulbs together.

Then you simply need to dig a hole. The general rule for planting bulbs is to plant the larger ones deeper, and the smaller sized ones shallow.

For the majority of garden bulbs, the planting depth should be 2-3 times deep than the height of the bulb.

If you’re not sure, just look at the bundle your bulbs was available in and it will inform you how deep to plant them.

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Garden bulbs ought to be planted so that the tip is punctuating, and the flat side is down.

The roots will grow out of the flat side of the bulb, and the plant and flowers will grow out of the pointy end.

See, easy!

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If you want to layer various types of flowering bulbs, dig the hole so it’s deep enough for the largest bulbs and plant those first.

Then bury the bigger bulbs till the hole is shallow enough to plant your smaller sized bulbs.

When you have your bulbs planted, fill the hole back in with dirt.

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Before you leave and start planting more garden bulbs, do not forget to include a plant marker so you can keep in mind where you planted all of your bulbs.

Plant markers are affordable to purchase, and essential in my garden. You can likewise make your own Do It Yourself plant markers if you are feeling crafty.

But hey, if you like surprises, then ignore this part.