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Vertical garden plants can be found in great deals of various sizes and shapes. How do you select what’s finest for your growing area? I have actually got you covered! In this post, I’ll discuss the distinction in between non-climbers and climbers, provide you examples of each, and reveal you how to select the very best plants for any vertical garden.

How To Select The Very Best Vertical Garden Plants

Whether you’re searching for vertical garden plants to climb up a trellis, or to fill your hanging gardens, you have lots of alternatives! What are the finest plants for vertical gardens?

Selecting the finest plants to utilize can be frustrating and complicated when it comes to growing vertically. It can destroy your vertical garden if you inadvertently purchase the incorrect type of plant.

Do not stress, I’m going to make this very simple for you! Listed below I will break everything down, and describe precisely how to choose what plants to utilize in a vertical garden.


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The fantastic news is that vertical gardening will not restrict your alternatives for what sort of plants you can grow. There are lots of terrific vertical garden plants to pick from.

The apparent options are climbing up vines when it comes to picking plants that are best matched for vertical gardens. Vines are excellent for covering structures like arches, arbors, and trellises.

Vertical gardening does not restrict us to just growing climbing up plants. When you begin including other vertical gardening systems like living walls, hanging pots or stacked planters, the choices for plants you can grow vertically are nearly unrestricted.


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For the function of selecting which vertical garden plants to grow, we can put plants into 2 extremely broad classifications: non-climbers and climbers.

When selecting plants for vertical gardening, it is necessary to comprehend that numerous kinds of standard vining plants likewise can be found in a compact, bush type. These compact ranges are typically described as “patio area” or “bush”.

The factor it’s so essential to comprehend the distinction here is due to the fact that vining plants will climb up a trellis, however bush or patio area ranges will not.

You can’t constantly discriminate in between the 2 when taking a look at a plant, specifically little seedlings. Be sure to constantly examine the label or seed package prior to buying.

Do not stress, you will not need to make any sacrifices when it pertains to growing in vertical containers. Nowadays, much of our preferred vining plants likewise is available in a compact bush variation.


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It does not matter whether you have a big garden plot with lots of area for climbing up plants, or you wish to grow vertically in little areas. You’ll discover that you have lots of alternatives for picking vertical garden plants.

Listed below I’ll talk more about climbers -vs- non-climbers, and offer you some examples of each so you can discover the very best vertical garden plants for your area.


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Climbing up plants grow long, high stems or branches that can be trained to mature. These are the plants that will cover a pergola, arbor, obelisk, trellis, or any other plant assistance you wish to utilize.

Whether you’re searching for veggies or flowers, there are lots of terrific climbing up plants (aka vining plants) to pick from.

A few of the most typical climbing up flowers are: early morning magnificences, clematis, bougainvillea, jasmine, climbing up roses, honey nurse, and sweet peas.

When it comes to veggies, beans, cucumbers, peas, cucamelons, and even squash and gourds all are available in vining ranges that can be trellised. You can see a breakdown of climbing up trellis plants here.


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Due to the fact that you do not have a big garden plot with loads of area for growing vining plants does not indicate that you can’t grow vertically, simply. There are lots of terrific non-climbing vertical garden plants on the marketplace nowadays.

When we broaden our growing area by including vertical containers like wall pockets, image frames, or tower gardens, our choices for what plants you can grow in a vertical garden are virtually limitless.

Lots of plants that are generally grown in a big gardens are likewise readily available in smaller sized sizes particularly reproduced for growing in pots.


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Lots of climbing up veggies, like beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and squash can be found in bush types that are best for growing in containers. Non-climbing crops like lettuce, peppers, eggplants, herbs, strawberries, and even root crops can be grown in vertical garden pots too!

When it comes to flowers … well, there are many alternatives that I’m not going to try to call them all here. Some of my preferred non-climbing flowers are marigolds, pansies, celosia, moss increased, begonias, orchids, petunias, impatiens, and dwarf zinnia to call a couple of.

Succulents are another terrific (and extremely popular) vertical garden plants to utilize. Because they do not need a great deal of water, they’re ideal for developing living walls, image frames, and other shallow planters.


One word of care when selecting what to grow in vertical garden containers: even if a plant is a non-climber does not indicate is’ t ideal for growing vertically.

Full-sized variations of non-climbing plants like kale, zinnias, broccoli, cabbage, sunflowers, and corn, aren’t ideal for growing in vertical containers.

When you go shopping for non-climbing vertical garden plants, be sure to select plants that are in proportion to the size of your containers. That method, the plants will not grow out of or overwhelm your vertical container garden.

Selecting vertical garden plants does not need to be demanding, it needs to be lots of enjoyable! Now that you comprehend which plants will grow on a trellis, and what plants to utilize for vertical garden planters, it will be simple to constantly make the best option.

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Vertical garden plants come in lots of various shapes and sizes. How do you select what’s finest for your growing area? In this post, I’ll describe the distinction in between non-climbers and climbers, offer you examples of each, and reveal you how to pick the finest plants for any vertical garden.

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