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Overwintering coleus is very easy, and also it’s a wonderful method to keep your preferred varieties time after time. In this blog post, I’ll reveal you just how to maintain coleus over the winter months, and also offer you tons of coleus treatment ideas also.

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Coleus plants are among the most vibrant plants you can expand in the garden, and they include a remarkable tropical feel. They can be found in all kinds of shade mixes also.

Among things I like one of the most regarding them is that they add tons of color to dubious gardens as well as planters. As soon as you recognize just how to expand coleus in wintertime, you can keep that attractive color time after time!


Even though you’re likely to discover coleus plants offer for sale as annuals in a lot of locations of the nation, it’s in fact a tender perennial that can survive for years in the appropriate environment.

Coleus temperature resistance isn’t extremely high, and also they can’t take care of the cool (coleus chilly hardiness is area 10 or warmer). The plants will start to die at the initial touch of frost in the autumn.

However do not fret, overwintering coleus inside your home is rather easy, as well as there are a couple of methods you can do it. That suggests you can grow your favored coleus plant selections year after year without investing a dollar purchasing brand-new plants each spring.


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There are two means you can overwinter your favored coleus ranges inside. You can use these very same methods for any kind of kind of coleus plant you’re expanding in containers or in your yard …

Potted coleus plants can be brought indoors and expanded as a houseplant.
You can take cuttings from your plants, and root them for expanding inside your home.


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Listed below I will certainly explain both of these techniques thoroughly. If you’ve never attempted overwintering coleus before, I urge you to trying out both techniques and also see which one functions finest for you. Then afterwards, I will certainly give you tips for exactly how to care for a coleus plant inside in winter season.


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If you’re growing coleus in pots, you could overwinter them as houseplants by bringing the entire container inside for the winter months. If your potted coleus has actually grown substantial over the summer, you can cut it back so it’s a more convenient size for growing inside (make sure to keep the cuttings so you can attempt the second method as well!).

Bear in mind that your coleus plant is made use of to growing outside all summer. So, the plant may droop or perhaps go down a few leaves after bringing them inside your home. That’s completely typical behavior, and it should stand out back in a couple of days.


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Rather than overwintering coleus plants in containers, occasionally it’s less work to take cuttings instead. This is also a wonderful method to maintain the ranges you grew in the garden. Coleus origin in water, as well as can be potted up and grown as a houseplant as well.

It’s best to take coleus cuttings before it begins to obtain chilly outside, and also you’ll absolutely require to do it prior to frost damages the plant. Once they begin to die back from the cool, the cuttings may not take root.


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Nevertheless you decide to try overwintering coleus, it’s important to debug them prior to bringing them inside your home. If you plan to bring the entire plant inside, then comply with these instructions for debugging potted plants.

You can debug your cuttings utilizing the very same method, or you can do it on a smaller sized range inside. Saturating the cuttings in the sink for regarding 10 mins will certainly drown any type of pests insect that get on the leaves. Be sure to evaluate the cuttings down so they will not float (I used a supper plate).

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You can include a squirt of light fluid soap to the water to help eliminate pest bugs. After they are done soaking, wash the leaves with plain water to get rid of any pests, dirt and soap. When you’re done, just put the cuttings right into a vase of water to root them.

When the cuttings have actually expanded some great healthy and balanced roots, after that you can pot them up right into a container. You don’t need to get any special soil for transplanting coleus cuttings, you can simply use a basic objective potting soil to pot them up.

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Coleus care inside in wintertime is a bit different than expanding coleus outdoors throughout the summer season. Coleus plants are quite simple to grow indoors, yet do require a bit of additional care to get them with the winter season. The three points you’ll need to worry about one of the most are lighting, water and houseplant insects. Right here are some quick coleus winter season treatment ideas to aid you out …


Though they choose the color outside, coleus plants will grow their ideal inside with lots of light. Area the pot in a bright window where it will certainly get a lot of bright, indirect sunlight. If you don’t have much natural light in your house, then you can add an expand light to keep them from getting leggy and grabbing the light. Connect it right into an electrical outlet timer to provide your plant lots of light even when you’re away.


Keep the dirt evenly moist through the winter, yet never soggy. Permit the soil to dry out a little bit on the top before watering your plant again. To prevent overwatering, stick your finger one inch into the dirt to see to it it’s not damp. If you struggle with sprinkling houseplants, after that you can obtain an economical soil moisture gauge to aid you get it best whenever.