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After years of trial and error, I lastly created the best delicious potting mix dish. This is the very best dirt for succulents, and it’s incredibly easy to make as well! In this article, I will share my recipe and show you precisely just how to make your own delicious dirt.

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Exactly how To Make Your Own Succulent Dirt (With Recipe!).

I don’t buy succulent dirt, I make my own. It’s much cheaper than getting an industrial cactus and also succulent potting mix.

Plus, I assume the commercial soil mix for succulents and cacti (a minimum of right stuff I have actually bought in the past) are light on sand, as well as hold even more water than I such as.

Making your own succulent soil is not just cheaper than buying the business stuff, it’s super easy.

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Selecting the appropriate potting soil for planting succulents in containers is vital! When visitors reach out to me about issues with succulents, the majority of the concerns they have actually are triggered by overwatering.

Overwatering is the leading cause of death for delicious plants, and that is why it is very essential to make certain you utilize the right type of soil to plant succulents.

The very best potting soil for succulents is a well draining pipes potting mix. Making use of an excellent potting mix of permeable dirt for succulents is extremely important to avoid overwatering.

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The primary benefits of making your own Do It Yourself delicious soil mix are that it’s cheaper, and you control the ingredients.

Making your own bulk potting soil mix is more affordable than getting a pre-made commercial succulent soil. Plus, since you regulate the active ingredients, you can change this succulent dirt dish to obtain the ideal dirt mix that your succulents will certainly like.


Like I said, I locate that numerous business succulent dirt mixes aren’t rugged enough for my taste. So, over the years I have actually experimented with making my very own delicious mix, until I found out a simple, low-cost dish that I like the best.

I wanted to make certain the ingredients were all easy to discover in your neighborhood garden facility, or online. And also, I utilize these ingredients to make my other homemade potting dirts also, so they are all extremely reusable.


To make your very own succulent soil, you only need 3 ingredients, as well as you can locate them at any kind of garden facility or residence improvement store that has potting dirt available:.

Potting soil.
Rugged sand (turface or fowl grit additionally function wonderful).
Perlite or Pumice.

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Any kind of sort of all function potting soil for indoor plants will certainly work as the base to make your very own delicious soil. Use whatever you carry hand (as long as it’s fresh, sterile potting soil). The brand names of potting soil I utilize varies depending upon what gets on sale at the time I need to acquire potting soil.

When making potting mix for succulents, it’s finest to make use of a light, porous soil as your base. Do not utilize heavy garden soils, and also do not make use of potting blends that contain vermiculite, or any type of kind of wetness control potting mix that claims it maintains water longer than various other mixes. Succulents require a well draining pipes potting soil, not one that holds wetness.

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Succulents grow ideal in a porous sandy potting soil, so changing your potting dirt with sand is extremely important.

The type of sand I acquire is simply right stuff they cost usage in a sandbox (I purchase it at either House Depot or Lowes).

You might make use of any kind of type of sand, yet to ensure quick drainage for succulents, I suggest getting a crude sand rather than the really fine things.

Simply don’t utilize sand from the garden, the beach, or a sandbox (you never recognize what nasties will remain in that sand). If you like, you could make use of turface or fowl grit instead of sand. Either of those make excellent alternatives to sand in this recipe.

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Perlite is an extremely light-weight natural soil modification. It’s the white pieces that resemble Styrofoam that you see in several business potting blends.

Perlite preserves extremely little dampness, protects against dirt compaction, as well as assists include far better drainage for succulents. Simply put, it assists the dirt drainpipe faster which is specifically what we desire for succulent potting soil.

You can generally purchase perlite or pumice at any yard facility or residence renovation store in the very same area as you would find potting dirt to buy, but in some cases it’s tough to locate in stores, so I usually purchase it online.

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Material Needed:.
Along with your succulent potting mix active ingredients, you’ll need a few various other supplies to help you measure and blend your components. So grab these things before starting …

Gauging container.
Container for blending (I use a container or my table top potting tray to mix mine).

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The succulent potting dirt recipe * I use is:.

3 parts potting dirt.
2 parts rugged sand (turface or chicken grit).
1 part perlite (or pumice).
* My recipe for Do It Yourself cactus dirt mix is really similar, as well as it’s very easy to change this recipe to make potting dirt for cactus plants instead. To make the perfect cactus potting dirt mix, I include about 1/2– 1 part more sand and perlite in my succulent potting soil for additional water drainage.

What is a “component”?– A “part” is simply a common system of action to use for your potting dirt mix ratio. You can utilize anything you want to measure your active ingredients, as long as you use the very same kind of step for every “component”. If you utilize a scoop procedure for 1 part, after that utilize the same scoop twice for 2 components, and also 3 times for 3 components. So, as an example if you utilize a 1 mug action, after that this potting mix dish would transform to 3 mugs potting dirt, 2 mugs sand, and 1 cup perlite.

Integrate Succulent Potting Soil Ingredients.


Mixing your Do It Yourself potting dirt for succulents is very easy. All you require to do is discard everything right into your mixing container (container, potting tray, wheelbarrow … whatever) and mix everything with each other.

Use a trowel, or your hands to mix it. Simply make certain the components are uniformly combined once you’re done.

That’s it. Told you it was simple to make your own potting dirt for succulents.

Mix components for succulent potting dirt.


Among the things I love one of the most around making my own Do It Yourself succulent potting soil is that I can blend a huge batch, and also keep the leftovers for later. Succulent soil can be kept on a rack in your cellar, garage or garden shed.

You could mix a bunch of homemade potting soil ahead of time as well as shop it for later use, or just blend it as you require it.

I like to blend a huge batch, and after that I store it in a plastic pail in the garage so I constantly have delicious dirt handy when I require it.

Make sure to save your succulent potting dirt in an air-tight container. You don’t desire pesky insects getting in there. If you do not have an air-tight container you can make use of, I suggest you buy among these pail securing covers, which work with a 5 gallon pail.

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This DIY succulent potting soil can likewise be used for propagating succulent cuttings.

My succulents (and also cactus plants) expand quite possibly in my homemade potting mix for succulents, as well as making my own conserves me tons of money (It looks like I’m always potting succulents and also cactus plants!).

If you desire more details about expanding and also caring for succulents, review my in-depth succulent plant care guide. It has every little thing you require to know about growing succulents, including watering, light, fertilizing, pruning, parasite control, propagation, and also a list of some of the most convenient succulents to expand!