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Seed starting mix can be pricey to get, so I came up with my own recipe for homemade seed beginning tool. This is the very best seed beginning mix, as well as it’s extremely very easy to make also! In this post, I will certainly share my recipe, and reveal you precisely just how to make seed starter dirt from scratch.

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Just how To Make Your Very Own Do It Yourself Seed Starting Mix (With Recipe!).

When I speak about starting seeds indoors, among the initial inquiries new gardeners ask me has to do with the most effective potting soil mix to utilize. This is a very vital inquiry, due to the fact that the sort of soil you make use of for expanding seeds indoors actually does make a substantial difference– and it can make or damage your seed starting success!

Using the incorrect kind of dirt for planting seeds inside is a typical error. Several brand-new gardeners assume that “dirt is dirt”, so they either purchase inexpensive potting soil, or attempt to use yard dirt to start seeds inside your home. This my close friend is just a recipe for disaster.


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The factor you can not utilize low-cost potting dirt or garden soil to grow seeds inside is due to the fact that those types of soils will certainly come to be compact in containers. When that occurs, it’s very tough (otherwise difficult) for seeds to sprout, and for the fragile plant origins to grow.

Your seed starting tool must be porous so the soil stays light as well as cosy, that makes it a lot easier for the seeds to germinate. A permeable seedling mix additionally enables lots of air around the roots– which is incredibly vital for healthy and balanced seed starting development.

Actually, the most effective potting soil to utilize for starting seeds inside shouldn’t even contain dirt at all.


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The most effective seed starting medium to make use of for growing seeds inside your home is a soilless seed beginning mix that is both quick draining pipes, and likewise holds dampness (seem like a funny combination, I understand).

You can purchase a top quality seed starter mix basically anywhere you can get seeds, or you can make your own Do It Yourself seed beginning mix.

I enjoy making my own homemade seed starter mix, it’s super easy and it offers me the adaptability to customize the active ingredients as well as make it simply exactly how I like it.

Plus I can make as much or just I require for starting my seeds, no requirement to have a big bag of seed starting mix existing around if I just need enough for one seedling tray.

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When I generated my own soilless seed beginning mix dish, it was mainly due to the fact that I had a bunch of the essential ingredients laying around from making various other potting soil dishes … and also since purchasing pre-made seed beginning mix is pricey.

But I likewise intended to make certain the active ingredients were very easy for you to locate as well, to make sure that I might share my dish. These are all usual components that can be purchased wherever you find potting soil up for sale at your regional yard center, or purchased on the internet any time.


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To make your own seed starting mix, you just require 3 cornerstones:.

Coco coir or peat moss.
Perlite or pumice.
Yard lime (just required if you use peat moss).

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You can utilize either coco coir or peat moss as the base ingredient for your DIY seed beginning mix, whichever you like. There are a couple of cons to using peat moss as opposed to coco coir …

One con for using peat moss is that it’s a little acidic, so if you pick to make use of peat moss, add some yard lime to the mix to cancel the level of acidity.

The various other con to using peat moss is that it’s not as lasting as coco coir is. Peat moss is a renewable energy, but it is very slow to renew so it’s not as eco-friendly.

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Beginning seeds in coco coir on the various other hand is really lasting, it is the spin-off of coconut processing. It’s a terrific additive to any type of DIY dirt blends, and also I really love the consistency of it. It’s my leading choice for including in my homemade seed beginning mix!

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Vermiculite is a naturally taking place mineral, and also is commonly found in potting dirt mixes, especially soil for starting seeds. The factor vermiculite is frequently found in potting dirt blends is due to the fact that it helps the dirt retains water.

Seed startings won’t tolerate dried out soil, and vermiculite helps to keep the soil uniformly wet so you won’t have to water as commonly.

Vermiculite Do It Yourself seed starting mix component-.


Perlite is a really lightweight soil modification. It’s the white pieces that appear like Styrofoam that you see in lots of business potting soils. It retains very little dampness, and protects against soil compaction. Simply put, perlite helps the dirt drainpipe much faster, as well as makes the mix porous (which is ideal for sprouting seeds).

You can acquire perlite in lots of yard centers or residence renovation stores in the same area as you would discover the potting dirt for sale. A great option to perlite is pumice, simply in situation you have a hard time locating perlite in your local garden center.

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Product Needed:.

Together with your seedling mix components, you’ll need a couple of other materials to aid you measure and mix your everything. So order these products before starting …

Measuring container (I typically make use of a 1 cup measure).
Trowel or large mixing spoon.
Container for blending (I utilize a pail or my table leading potting tray to blend mine).
Seed starting trays.


8 parts (pre-moistened) coco coir or peat moss.
1 component vermiculite.
1 part perlite or pumice.
1/4 tsp garden lime per gallon (if you utilize peat moss).

( a batch using a one cup step as your “component” is enough to load one business seed starting tray).

What is a “part”?– This is an inquiry that I obtain asked a great deal when I discuss how to make potting dirt. A “part” is simply a generic system of step for portioning your components. Usage anything you desire as your component, as long as you use the very same thing for each “component”. For example if you utilize a 1 cup action as your part, then this recipe would certainly transform to 8 mugs coir, 1 cup vermiculite, and also 1 cup perlite.

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Making your own mix for starting seeds is simple. Initially, unload all the ingredients right into a pail or bowl …

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Then just mix the components with a spoon or trowel until they are well mixed. As soon as the components are mixed with each other, you can fill your seedling trays and begin planting seeds right now.

That’s it. Told you it was very easy to make your own seed beginning mix. You might make a lot beforehand and also store it for later on use, or simply mix up little sets as you need it.

I like to blend a big batch, and then I store it in a plastic pail in the garage so I always have seed beginning mix accessible when I need it.


Whether you make your own seed beginning mix, or select to get an industrial soil for beginning seeds … make certain to store your remaining soil in an air tight container to avoid bring in fungus gnats. These air-tight seal lids work wonderful to maintain insects out, and they fit on any kind of basic 5 gallon container.

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The very best part concerning making your own dirt for beginning seeds is that you can try out different mixes. If you find that your seed trays are drying as well promptly, next time include even more vermiculite to the mix. If your seed growing trays are staying as well soggy, then include more perlite to your mix.

Oh, as well as this mix can also be made use of in seedling pots when it comes time for potting up your plants too!