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Herbs are easy to grow in containers and gardens, and many times you can be overwhelmed with fresh herbs during the growing season. One of the very best methods to preserve garden fresh herbs, and retain their taste is to freeze them. Freezing herbs is simple, and does not take much time. Plus it will be a substantial loan saver through the long winter months considering that you won’t need to purchase fresh herbs from the supermarket any longer!

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I can’t stand wasting food, specifically given that it’s so pricey to buy fresh herbs at the supermarket. So I constantly maintain them for later on usage. Better yet, I like to plan ahead and maintain as numerous fresh herbs from the garden as I can, so I never need to buy them at the shop.

Like I said, freezing herbs is really simple. I currently showed you how I protect chives by flash freezing them. You could do the very same thing with leafy herbs, like cilantro, basil and parsley. But I discover that with these leafy herbs, it’s simpler to chop and freeze them in ice cube trays.


1. Discover an ice cube tray: I discovered this adorable little ice cube tray at the grocery store, and it turns out, each compartment holds 1 tablespoon. Perfect for many dishes! You can also purchase an herb freezer tray specifically produced freezing the ideal sized portion of herbs for any recipe.

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2. Prepare the herbs for freezing: Freezing herbs doesn’t take much time if you plan ahead. If you need to buy a big bunch of herbs from the grocery store, merely chop up the entire bunch when you’re cooking. Then scoop whatever you don’t utilize into an ice tray and put it into the freezer. By the time you’re done consuming (or about 20 minutes), the herbs will be frozen and ready for storage.

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3. Store herbs in the freezer: Once the herbs are frozen, pop them out of the ice tray and store them in a container in the freezer. Even if the cubes stick, they are easy to disintegrate into pre-measured herbs prepared for use in all of your cooking.

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Freezing herbs is so simple, and I enjoy that none of my fresh herbs go to waste. It’s fantastic to always have these herbs on hand, and it saves us loan. Frozen herbs from the garden will last us the majority of the winter season.