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When is the best season to circulate succulents? If you assume summer is the only time you can propagate delicious cuttings, I have great news for you! I found a very easy trick that makes propagating succulents in the winter practically as easy as it is throughout the summer season. Keep reading as well as I will show you exactly how to propagate succulents in winter season …

Exactly How To Circulate Succulents In Winter

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It’s exceptionally very easy to propagate succulents in the summertime. All you need to do is stick a succulent leaf cutting in dust and also leave.

Actually, rooting succulents during the summertime is so very easy that sometimes they do not also require your help. The delicious leaves that drop from the plant will certainly just root themselves in the dirt.

Delicious plant breeding throughout the winter season is a different story. Throughout the winter season, delicious plants go into a dormant state, as well as rooting succulent cuttings is a lot more tough.


Yes, you CAN propagate succulents in winter months … and also it does not have to be tough either!

I found a means of conveniently propagating succulents from leaves throughout the winter– as well as it was entirely by mishap. Here’s just how it took place … growing succulents throughout winter months on my window step-.


As you can see, I have this remarkable ledge next to my south encountering window where my interior delicious plant collection lives throughout the winter season. Someday, I located a leaf that had fallen off among these plants had origins and new development!

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When the fallen leave fell from the plant, it came down on the adjacent home window structure. It’s a chilly yet bright spot, where the delicious fallen leave got wetness from condensation on the home window.

When I found the child succulent plant expanding on the home window walk, I was interested. I wished to see if this was a fluke or something that would certainly function constantly.

So, I took a couple of even more fallen leave items that had actually dropped from the various indoor succulents I have, as well as placed them on the window structure. Sure enough, I was able to start expanding succulents from leaf cuttings I included in the walk also!

After a few weeks, these succulent fallen leave cuttings began to put on new development, and also the roots came to be fuller. Woohoo !! This is mosting likely to be my new method of circulating succulents from cuttings during the winter season.

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These succulent cuttings really did not need any type of special treatment from me, and also rooted simply fine by themselves. But, if you want to try this approach of circulating succulents in winter months, and wish to get your succulent cuttings to root quicker, try dipping the cut end right into rooting hormonal agent prior to putting it by the home window.

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Succulents can be propagated by leaf or stem cuttings. All you require to do is thoroughly break or cut off a piece of the leaf or stem from your succulents. Now, you prepare to begin propagating.

Something to remember when multiplying succulents from fallen leave cuttings is that when you break off a leaf, ensure you get the entire point. A fifty percent damaged delicious fallen leave will not root. You can see in the photo listed below instances of both a poor fallen leave cutting (left wing), and an excellent one (on the right).

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The end of the leaf left wing was damaged when I tried drawing it from the plant, and that one won’t root. The leaf on the right has a tidy break, so I’ll be able to multiply it.

Find out more concerning taking cuttings from succulents, and obtain detailed guidelines for growing succulents from cuttings in my in-depth post: Just how To Proliferate Succulents From Cuttings.


Have you ever wondered just how to plant delicious cuttings? Fortunately is that potting succulent cuttings is rather easy too.

It’s easy to identify when to grow delicious cuttings, they prepare to be grown as quickly as the cuttings start expanding roots.

Succulents are extremely conscious being overwatered though, so it is very important to make use of potting dirt that is particularly created succulents when growing a delicious cutting. You can purchase potting dirt for succulents, or you can make your very own delicious dirt utilizing my dish.

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If you’re propagating delicious stem cuttings, you can simply grow the rooted stem piece right into the soil like you would certainly pot a plant. But, if you are expanding succulents from leaves, then beware not to grow them also deep.

To plant rooted leaf cuttings, lay the fallen leave in addition to the dirt as well as gently cover just the origins with a slim layer of soil. If the roots aren’t long yet, you can simply leave the fallen leave sitting on top of loosened soil, and also the roots will certainly discover their method as they grow much longer.

Usage little pots when growing delicious cuttings. Fundamental 2 ″ starter pots or 4 ″ starter pots work excellent for child delicious plants, or you can buy some little succulent planters for your brand-new infants.


Expanding succulents in winter season is very simple. As soon as you have potted up your rooted cuttings, you can look after them just as you would any kind of other succulent plant. Simply remember that since succulents go inactive during the winter, so you might not see much development on your cuttings up until spring.

Light: Place your succulents inside, in a warm home window where they will certainly get lots of light. If you don’t have a bright window to put them in, after that you should include an expand light.

Water: Tiny succulent plants can quickly wash away or be displaced when you water them. Because of that, you may find it simpler to mist the tiny delicious plants rather than sprinkling them, simply until they get a little bit larger.

Bottom sprinkling your infant succulents would certainly also function, however it can be more difficult to inform if you more than watering them when you water from all-time low. If you have problem offering your little succulents the appropriate amount of water, I advise using a soil dampness scale.

Plant food: Succulents don’t require to be fertilized during the winter, however will gain from being fed throughout the springtime and summer months.

When your miniature succulents are developed in their brand-new pot, feed them making use of a cactus as well as delicious plant food, or utilize a general function houseplant plant food.

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Review my in-depth delicious plant care guide for more tips on caring for succulents.

If you find it difficult to circulate succulents throughout the wintertime, provide this technique a shot. It’s an enjoyable experiment, and an excellent way to keep busy throughout the lengthy winter season. If it helps you, quit back as well as let me recognize.

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