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Proliferating succulents is an excellent method to share plants with good friends, or broaden your very own collection! Expanding succulents from cuttings very easy too! In this post, I’ll give you lots of delicious breeding suggestions, and show you detailed how to grow succulents from fallen leaves or stems.

Exactly How To Propagate Succulents From Cuttings

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Succulents are my favorite type of houseplant, as well as I have tons of various ranges in my collection. I have actually been growing them for years, and also have actually propagated every one I have actually ever expanded. Succulent breeding from fallen leave or stem cuttings is super very easy! If you have actually never attempted multiplying plants previously, after that this is the best plant to begin with.


There are tons of various kinds of succulent plants, as well as a couple of different ways to multiply them. Many kinds of succulents can be multiplied by fallen leave or stem cuttings, but others (like aloe vera plants) are simpler to proliferate by division. Some selections can even be expanded from seed.

In this article, I will concentrate on exactly how to propagate succulents from leaves or stems. Whether you have succulent houseplants or outside succulents, you can comply with the actions listed below.


The best time to circulate succulents is during the damp summer season. They can be propagated any time during the year, however rooting succulents is easiest when it’s cozy as well as humid. If you intend to try out circulating succulents in wintertime, then read this message … Just how To Propagate Succulents In Winter Season. Otherwise, adhere to the steps below to learn exactly how to propagate delicious plants in the summer season.


Prior to we delve into the actions for just how to propagate succulents, you’ll need to prepare by collecting a few products initially. Do not worry, you do not need a number of plant breeding materials to begin, you just require a couple of points …

Supplies Needed:

Delicious plant cuttings or leaves
Succulent potting dirt (or blend your very own utilizing perlite, potting dirt, and also crude sand).
Plant rooting hormone.
Clean pots (I like to utilize 4 ″ pots).
A tidy set of clippers or bonsai shears.
See my detailed list of plant propagation products here.


The fastest means to expand a wonderful sized plant is to multiply delicious stem cuttings. Any type of size stem can be rooted, so be sure to maintain your plant cuttings when you’re cutting succulents, or if any of the branches break off. Or else, below’s exactly how to take cuttings of succulents for proliferating …


If you wish to try to multiply a succulent plant from the stem, make a decision where you intend to make it. Attempt to take a 2-3 inch long stem cutting for simpler breeding if you can.

Then use clean, clean and sterile clippers or a sharp knife to make it. You can dip your clippers in scrubing alcohol or clean them with soapy water to decontaminate them.

Lot of times you can just break short a stem to make use of for circulating succulents, but utilizing a good pair of accuracy clippers or bonsai shears will certainly make certain a tidy cut as well as a healthy cutting.

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After taking your stem cuttings, enable them to heal (dry out as well as callus over) for a few days prior to propagating them. This will certainly aid avoid deteriorating. The thicker the stem, the longer you need to allow it to treat before trying to root it.

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Growing succulents from a leaf is very easy. However bear in mind that it will certainly take longer to get a nice sized plant when starting succulents from fallen leaves than it will from stem cuttings. It’s enjoyable to experiment however, so I motivate you to provide it a shot! Below’s just how to get started …


In order to be successful with circulating succulents from fallen leaves, after that it’s super vital to remove the fallen leaves properly. The entire fallen leave needs to be cleanly broken short the plant or it won’t root. Sometimes the leaves will certainly break off cleanly when you touch them, but others may take a bit much more work to get rid of from the plant.

To take cuttings for delicious leaf proliferation, hold the end of the leaf and delicately wiggle it until it breaks off. If the succulent fallen leave broke in half when you attempted to eliminate it, then dispose of that fallen leave and attempt again.

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When expanding succulents from leaf cuttings, you do not require to bother with curing them, you can multiply them today. It won’t harm to allow them to heal for a day or more, but they will begin to dry out quite swiftly once you remove them from the plant. So don’t wait also long to propagate succulent fallen leave cuttings, or they might not root.

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Often you may locate a succulent expanding origins from the stem, as well as you won’t require to do anything however plant it in dust. Yet if you intend to make sure that they will efficiently expand roots, then use dirt to multiply them. Below are the actions for how to root succulent cuttings in dirt …

Step 1: Dust cuttings with rooting hormonal agent– First, dirt completions of the stems or leaves with plant rooting hormone. The rooting hormone will certainly assist them root faster, but you do not have to use it if you do not wish to. I discover that utilizing rooting hormonal agent for succulents not only aid them root quicker, however I have much more success with propagating succulents when I use it.

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Action 2: Load a container with dirt for delicious plants– Fill up a container with the rooting mixture. All succulents will root (as well as grow) best in a light, sandy soil mix. You can acquire soil that’s particularly made for them, or make your very own utilizing a mix of crude sand, potting dirt and perlite.

Step 3: Place cuttings right into the dirt– For multiplying succulents from stem cuttings, make a hole in the rooting combination with a pencil or your finger, and also carefully put the stem right into the opening so the rooting hormonal agent will not rub off. After that lightly pack the dirt around the base of the reducing so it stays in location, and also to make sure the dirt is available in contact with the stem.

If you’re growing succulents from leaves, you can just lay them in addition to the dirt, or stick them right into the really leading layer of dirt. You can put several into one pot, or put them right into private pots if you prefer.

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Tip 4: Relocate your cuttings to a secured place– Place the cuttings in an area where they will certainly be protected from full sunlight and rainfall. The trick to successfully propagating succulents from cuttings is to keep the dirt on the completely dry side, but the air around them damp.

If there isn’t much humidity in the air, lightly mist them daily using a plant sprayer/mister full of water. The most significant error individuals make when propagating succulents mores than sprinkling them. If the dirt is too wet, the cuttings will simply rot. So do not sprinkle them until they have roots.


Succulent plant cuttings just take a couple of weeks to form brand-new origins. They will certainly root much faster if the air is moist than they will in totally completely dry problems. As soon as you start to see brand-new development on the top of the cuttings, that’s a good indication that they have started to expand roots.

Leaves laid on top of the dirt will grow roots on top of the dirt, and also start growing child succulents at the base of the leaf. You can hide the subjected roots with a slim layer of soil if you wish to, yet don’t bury the delicious children.

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One of the most vital thing to remember about delicious cuttings treatment is to see to it you do not sprinkle the dirt till after the roots have actually created. Once the origins have actually developed, you can sprinkle them like you would certainly any succulent plant.

They do not require a lot of water, as well as over sprinkling succulents is their number one awesome. So make certain to enable the dirt to dry out totally before watering delicious plants once more. Learn everything about taking care of succulents in my comprehensive succulent plant treatment guide.


You do not have to bother with potting delicious cuttings as soon as they begin to expand roots. They have shallow roots and can live in tiny pots for a long period of time. Yet when you do decide it’s time to pot them up, it’s very vital to use the right sort of dirt.

The most effective dirt to expand succulents in is a sandy, quick draining pipes mix that doesn’t not hold water. I advise repotting succulent plants utilizing a succulent potting soil mix or an abrasive dirt mix that’s especially made for them. You can likewise mix your own soil to use for succulents with my Do It Yourself delicious dirt dish and guidelines.

When potting up succulents, always make certain to utilize a pot that has water drainage openings to prevent over watering. Additionally, if you do have a tendency to over water plants, use clay a pot instead of plastic a one.

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Consider all these adorable little mini succulent plants I have currently. And also since you know everything about circulating succulents from fallen leave as well as stem cuttings, you’ll have lots of cost-free succulent plants to share. They make wonderful gifts! If you do not have any plants of your very own yet, see if you can rack up some cost-free delicious cuttings from a close friend!