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Even if they aren’t growing outside, your houseplants experience the altering of seasons too. Houseplants grow differently in the winter season than they do throughout the summer, and fall can be a challenging time for them. Follow my fall houseplant care ideas so yours won’t suffer through the transition.

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Now that it’s getting cooler outside, it’s time to start concentrating on houseplants and indoor gardening.

In the fall, as the days start to get shorter and the furnace goes on, our houseplants begin to alter their growing practices to get ready for winter.

It can be a challenging shift for some plants, so let’s give them some additional TLC this fall, shall we?


A lot of houseplants don’t need as much water in the winter season as they carry out in the summer, so fall is the time to start cutting back.

Help relieve the transition for your houseplants by slowing down on the quantity of water you provide in the fall.

This will be a good trigger for them that it’s okay to begin their rest period and hibernate up until spring.

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During the fall, you will also want to pay attention to any plants that were outside for the summer and make certain there are no houseplant bug invasions showing up. Even if the plant was never ever outside, it can still have problems with a few different kinds of houseplant bugs.

If you find any bugs, start treating the houseplant immediately. I recommend purchasing some natural neem oil, horticultural spray oil, or an organic insecticidal soap to use on your houseplants.

You can purchase a ready-made natural insecticidal soap spray, or make your own (my recipe is 1 tsp organic liquid soap to 1 liter of water). Discover how to debug houseplants prior to bringing them inside your home in the fall.

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The very best time to repot a houseplant is in the spring. But, if the soil on one of your houseplants is continuously drying out and your plant is suffering, this is a sign that the plant is root bound and needs to be repotted.

If that’s the case, then potting the plant up into a somewhat larger container in the fall will help it endure through the long cold weather.

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