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I have a few of those cable basket planters that featured coconut linings when I bought them, as well as I enjoy them. The coco liner always looks so attractive when newly planted with summertime annuals. But after a season or two, they start to look dull and grey. And also, the birds like to tear the coco fibre apart to use for constructing their nests in the springtime. The result? Well, it’s not pretty!!

A Low-cost Alternate To Coconut Liners For Hanging Baskets & Planters

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I love my cord basket planters, yet they are pointless without the coconut liners. I could buy fresh substitute coco linings every springtime, but that reaches be really pricey.

I could not validate the price of replacing the costly coconut linings, so my favorite cable planter ended up being in the garage.

Every single time I looked at it I felt unfortunate as well as frustrated concerning the cost of the coco planter liners. It ultimately specified where I was either going to obtain eliminate the planter, or figure out how I can make it able to be used once more.

Challenge accepted!


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All I needed to do was identify a way to replace the coconut planter linings, yet making use of a less costly alternate product.

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I racked my mind for a few weeks trying to find up with ideas. However the response really did not come conveniently, as well as I remained to feel frustrated.

After that someday while I was cleaning the garage, I came across a lot of leftover landscape design fabric that was simply accumulating dust.


I found my solution for a cheap alternative to coconut linings.

Landscape design textile inexpensive coconut lining option
Landscaping fabric is an economical coconut liner alternative


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When I created this concept, I was so thrilled!! Not just would this be much cheaper than buying brand new coco basket linings, it will also last much longer!

As well as kid was I right concerning that!! I thought of this suggestion 7 years earlier, and my Do It Yourself different planter liners look just as terrific today as they did when I first made them.

Lining planters with landscaping textile is not just cheaper, but it will last for several, many more years than the coco basket linings. As well as my cord basket planters or much less upkeep now since the liners do not have to be changed at all times.

And also, I assume the black lining appearance actually great too (means nicer than a drab old gray coco liner that’s half broken apart by the birds, that’s for sure!).


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Since the landscaping material isn’t tight like coconut liners are, it took a bit a lot more work to get the liner looking great in the baskets of my metal planter.

I made a decision to utilize a slim metal cord to connect the landscaping fabric to the metal planter baskets. This way, the material remains in place and also the dirt will not spill out.

I simply jabbed the metal cord with the liner, and after that covered the metal around the top of the basket, loading the liner with dust as I functioned my means around the basket.

I likewise made the effort to bunch and also align the liner as I walked around each basket so the landscape design fabric wouldn’t bunch up in one spot in the basket.

When the material was attached right around the cable basket, I trimmed off the added fabric around the leading so it was despite the top of the steel basket.

Landscaping fabric planter liner.
Do It Yourself landscaping fabric planter lining.

After the baskets were full of dust, the liner stood out into form and my wire planter looked terrific once more. The landscaping fabric will certainly last much longer than a coconut liner, conserving me tons of money each spring.

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To save myself even more cash, I determined to plant a mix of durable delicious sedums in my brand-new cord planter instead of making use of annual plants that require to be replaced every springtime.

That way, I can simply overwinter the hardy succulents in the garage and pull my planter out each spring to recycle time after time. It does not obtain any kind of much easier than that.

This choice didn’t cost me a cent because I utilized materials I currently had relaxing and plants from the garden.

I am very pleased with the method this turned out utilizing my homemade coconut lining alternative, and also proud of the fact that I had the ability to make my cord basket planter brand-new once more.

If you’re not all set to take on a job like this yourself, you can purchase a coconut lining roll and reduced them to size, or get substitute coco linings here.

This would certainly function excellent as an option for any kind of kind of coco lining baskets, consisting of hanging baskets with linings, hanging deck barrier planters, or changing coco liners for window boxes.

Also if you do not have any kind of kicking back in your garage as well as you need to buy landscaping textile to replace your coconut liners, it will still be cheaper over time since the landscaping textile will last a lot, much longer than the coconut linings.

If you prefer the appearance of the coconut linings over the landscape design material, an additional wonderful different wire basket lining is burlap.

A burlap lining will provide you a comparable look as the coco linings, however will certainly last much longer. You can acquire cloth in a roll, and also follow my directions over to line your cord basket with cloth lining.

So, if you have any kind of hanging baskets or cable baskets with linings kicking back collecting dust, give them brand-new life with these do-it-yourself cable basket liners!