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It can be truly tough to discover gifts for somebody who enjoys plants, particularly if you’re not a gardener. However do not fret, I’ve got you covered! This list of indoor gardening gift ideas for houseplant lovers is packed filled with wonderful items that any plant individual will love.

Indoor Gardening Gift Concepts: The Ultimate Houseplant Lover Present Guide

Whether it be for Christmas or the vacations, a birthday, a housewarming present, or any other special event, you’ll discover the best gifts for indoor garden enthusiasts here. This list includes lots of great indoor gardening products, tools, materials and books that would make great presents for indoor plant lovers.

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1. Glass Terrarium– This stunning terrarium is ideal indoor plant fans present. The whole top is detachable for simple planting. The lid is hinged also, to make misting and watering the plants inside a breeze. Make sure to consist of a terrarium kit for an even more thoughtful present! The set has everything they require to get started, and consists of planting guidelines too.

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2. Four-Tier Mini Greenhouse– A little indoor greenhouse is the perfect gift for somebody who loves to garden, however has very little area to do so. It’s good for keeping plants heathy all year long, and likewise great for providing seedlings or little plants a get on the growing season. They can hang grow lights under each shelf to provide the plants a lot of light too!

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3. Glass Cloche With Base– This lovely plant cloche is great for growing delicate plants that require a lot of humidity. It likewise works to protect plants from curious pets. The base keeps water from spilling out, so it won’t harm furniture surface areas. I definitely enjoy the distinct appearance it offers the indoor garden.

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4. Fiskars Non-Stick Pruning Shears– A vital part of keeping indoor plants healthy is pruning them, and brand-new tools alway make terrific indoor gardening presents. These micro tip-pruning snips will ensure the ideal precision cut. The simple action spring makes using these shears almost uncomplicated. The blades are covered to assist keep them from getting sticky, and are made to stay sharp.

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5. Table-Top Portable Potting Tray– Plant potting trays are helpful both inside and outdoors. This table-top tray makes repotting houseplants a snap, keeps the mess contained, and makes clean-up a breeze too. It’s light-weight and portable, so they don’t require to transport heavy potted plants around, they can repot them anywhere.

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6. Indoor Garden Tool Package– When it pertains to indoor gardening, tools are pretty important. Utilizing tools that are produced outdoor gardening on indoor plants is cumbersome and awkward. Mini garden tools are produced indoor gardening, and make ideal presents for people who like houseplants.

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7. Soil Wetness Gauge– Overwatering is the primary cause of death for houseplants. Getting the precise level of wetness can be tough at times, especially for beginners. That’s where having a simple to read wetness meter like this one is available in convenient. This gauge does not need batteries, and it will show them exactly when it’s time to water a plant (and when it’s not!).

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8. Bonsai Scissors– Whether your preferred houseplant enthusiast is into bonsai or not, these super sharp shears would be a great present for them. The rubber deal with makes pruning more comfortable, and keeps the scissors from slipping. The very best part about these particular ones are that they can be utilized either left or ideal handed.

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9. Collection Of Clean Air Indoor Plants– It has been proven that specific houseplants can improve indoor air quality, and filter the toxins out of the air around them. This set of 4 tidy air plants come in 4 inch pots, and are excellent indoor plant gifts. The collection consists of a parlor palm, a golden pothos, a mom in law’s tongue (aka snake plant), and a flowering peace lily.

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10. Low Maintenance Houseplant Collection– What much better indoor gardening present ideas than more houseplants! This set of 3 low upkeep plants consists of a spider plant, a snake plant, and a parlor palm. The plants comes in four inch pots, and make the best gift for any indoor plant lover.

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11. Plant Watering Devices– Sometimes, watering plants can escape our minds. That’s why watering devices like these make terrific presents for indoor gardeners. By doing this if they get busy or head out on a holiday, they don’t have to worry about their plants going unwatered. Plus, they are ornamental so they look stunning too!

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12. Ikea Watering Can– With a stainless steel body, a bamboo handle, and a polyester powder coating, this watering can is both charming and practical. I personally like having an ornamental watering can for my houseplants, it adds a bit more fun to things. Plus this one pours actually perfectly, preventing any unintentional spills or dripping.

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13. Indoor Humidity And Temperature Screen– Some plants grow better at specific indoor temperature levels, or with a specific level of humidity. This is where having an indoor humidity screen can be found in useful. This one monitors both humidity and temperature level, and keeps an eye on the highs and lows for the day.

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14. Gnatnix– Among the greatest frustrations that indoor gardeners deal with is handling fungi gnats. It’s an issue that every houseplant lover deals with, and it can truly drive a person crazy. Gnatnix is a natural soil cover that looks good, and eliminates gnats in houseplant soil. Give the plant lover in your life the present of peace of mind this year!

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15. Bird Shaped Watering Bulb– This incredibly adorable watering bulb makes plants self-watering. Depending on the plant (and their soil), each bulb holds enough to water plants for as much as 2 weeks. The clear style makes it simple to see when the watering world is due to be filled up too. Such adorable and useful indoor garden gifts!